Professional Studies Programs

Embark upon a profound journey of  discovery that will bring you closer to the heart of the Humphrey/Limón tradition and in turn closer to yourself.  
Kathryn Alter – Associate Professional Studies Programs Director

Find the program that’s right for you:

Professional Studies Program (9 months)
Fall Studies Program (3 months)
Dance Training & Arts Management (9 months)

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Professional Studies Programs

Professional Studies Program

The PSP is an intensive program designed to immerse dancers in the Humphrey/Limon legacy. The nine-month program runs from September – December, and January – May.
Intermediate/Advanced dance studies include:

  • Introductory workshop presenting the underlying principles of Limón technique
  • Daily classes in Limón Technique
  • Six to eight weeks of Intensive daily repertory workshops
  • Workshops and Lectures on a range of historical, theoretical, and supplementary subjects
  • Individual coaching sessions with current and former company members
  • Performance opportunities include studio showings and formal performances in theater venues

PSP 2018-19: September 17, 2018 – December 14, 2018, and January 7 – May 31, 2019.
Note: Due to program structure students are not permitted to start after September.

TO APPLY FOR 2018-19 PROGRAMS click: PSP – FSP Application 18-19 writeable
Application deadline May 31, 2018. After this date please email

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Professional Studies Semester Hours and Program Credit :
Technique Classes – 240 hours (12 credits)
Rehearsals – 110+ hours (6 credits)
Workshops – 90+ hours (4 credits)
Performances – 4 performances (4 credits)
Solo and Research Projects – 20-30 hours (each 2 credits)
Credit policy: PSP students are required to complete at least 90% of program hours to receive a certificate of completion. Program credit is not transferable.

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All program details subject to change without notice.

Limón Professional Studies Program 2
Limon PSP Performance

PSP2 – A new training program for advanced Limón dancers offered by Limón Dance Company and the Limón School. Open only to returning PSP graduates or advanced dancers with demonstrated ability in the Limón technique.

The 9-month program offers unique access and involvement with Limón Company rehearsals and work sessions, daily advanced Limón technique classes, intensive one-on-one coaching with Artistic Directors, Company members and Limón faculty, plus group repertory workshops and performance opportunities.

Directed by artistic directors of the School and the Company, the program is flexible and customized to meet the needs of the dancers according to the Limón Company and Institute schedules.

PSP2 runs September 2018 to May 2019

Application process – Please contact us to discuss eligibility for PSP2 –

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All program details subject to change without notice.

Intensive Studies Programs

Fall Studies Program 


The FSP is twelve-week intensive programs – Fall Program runs September – December.

The programs are designed for college dance majors who want the experience of a semester in New York City, and for international students looking for a short-term program. Each program starts with a workshop that introduces principles of Limón technique, and consists of daily technique classes, repertory workshops, special theory and practice sessions, a performance opportunity and attend open Company rehearsals.

Applicants should be at the Advanced or Intermediate-Advanced level and have completed the equivalent of two years of college dance training.

Fall Program 2018: September 17 – December 7, 2018


TO APPLY FOR FALL 2018 click: PSP – FSP Application 18-19 writeable
Application deadline for Fall Program is May 31, 2018. After this time please email

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All program details subject to change without notice.

Dance Training Arts Management Program

Dance Training and Arts Management Studies Program

east coast by Gisella Sorrentino

The Dance Training & Arts Management Internship Program accepts qualified students to participate in rotating areas such as development, administration, production, archives, budget and finance, under the mentorship of the Limón’s professional staff.

In addition to 16 hours a week of the internship, interns have the option to participate in technique and repertory classes as part of the Professional Studies Program (see above) and the open workshops offered by the Limon School.

Applicants should be college graduates with previous office experience and a specific interest in dance management.

Tuition for this highly competitive program is fully subsidized. Contact for more information.

TO APPLY FOR 2018-19 click: DT & AM Application 18-19 writeable
Application deadline May 31, 2018. After this time please email

For Auditions, Tuition Fees and international students click on “Tuition” section below.

Dance Training and Arts Management Internship Semester Hours and Program Credit:
Dance Training (PSP) and Arts Management Internship x 3 rotations – 500+ hours (30 credits)
Credit policy: The Dance Training and Arts Management Program (DT&AM) students must satisfactorily complete 90% of required hours to receive a certificate of completion. Program credit is not transferable.

All program details subject to change without notice.


Faculty: Kathryn Alter, Sue Bernhard, Becky Brown, Geraldine Cardiel, Colin Connor, Roxane D’Orléans Juste, Betty Jones, Carla Maxwell, Risa Steinberg, Nina Watt, and associated artists of the Limón Dance Company.

Performance Opportunities: The Institute presents at least two Professional Studies Program Showings per year. Students have the opportunity to perform in both Limón repertory works and original works by Institute faculty members. Additional performance opportunities are frequently scheduled during the spring.

Certificate of Completion (Non-academic):
PSP dancers who have attended a minimum of 90% of required technique classes, participated fully in Repertory rehearsals and showings, attended the extra sessions, and satisfactorily completed any required projects are entitled to a Certificate of Completion.

International students interested in the Limón Programs should contact us for options about student visa options through partnership programs with Peridance Capezio Center or Gibney.  Please note: Limón does not provide student visas.

Domestic Students can purchase Peridance or Gibney class cards for additional classes from the centers schedule.

Housing: The Limón Institute does not provide accommodation.  A list of temporary housing options is available upon request.

2018-2019 Tuition:

Limon Program only 
PSP – 9 months = $5,100
PSP2 – 9 months = $4,400
Fall Studies Program – 12 weeks = $2,750
DT&AM – 9 months – no tuition

All fees are subject to change. Does not include program or visa application fees.

Complete an application form (see each program for link) and submit it by mail, email or fax, to the address indicated on the form. Include dance résumé, a statement of your interest in the program, the application fee and a letter of recommendation from a dance professional.

AUDITION: Step 1 – send your completed application form to us. Step 2 – you will be invited to audition. If can attend in person, tell us when you can take a New York open class.  For international or out of town students we will send an audition video of specific movement for you to learn.

WORK STUDY SCHOLARSHIP: A limited number of work-scholarships are available for PSP students, which reduce only the Limón portion of the tuition by 25%, in exchange for weekly office work. If interested, request an application form. Work study application deadline May 1st.

Please contact with any questions

The Limón Institute is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance.

The Limón Institute is a member of the Emergency Fund for Student Dancers (EFSD).

All programs and details are subject to change.

Graduates of the Limón Institute’s Professional Studies Programs have entered the field dancing with companies such as the Limón Dance Company, Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble, Jennifer Muller/The Works and Sue Bernhard Dances.

“Amazing people.  Great program and mission.  A versatile approach to movement and excellent access to historical resources…archives and former Company member.  Love the interaction with the [current] Company, you can’t get that anywhere else!” – Colette, USA, PSP 2016, Company Apprentice 2017 Season.

” I am a different dancer than I was nine months ago.  Night and day.  I think no matter your trajectory, age, career ambitions, this program will change you as a dancer and as a person.” -Katarina, USA, PSP 2017

“It is a great experience to dive into this dance technique, in this beautiful city and having the visa program at Peridance.  I am grateful for all the wonderful teachers I have met, as well as the inspiring Limón dancers who taught us the choreographies.” -Liedewei, Belgium, FSP 2017

“…being in class, feeling the music live, letting the movement flow was the best moment.” -Yanina, Peru, FSP 2017

“gained an understanding of the MASSIVE amount of work that happens behind the scenes at a dance company…and gave me more appreciation for everything that happened in the studio, and a deeper understanding of what Limón is all about.” – Katie, USA, DT&AM Intern 2015