International Students

“I have always maintained that musicians are dancers and that dancers can be good dancers only when they are also good musicians.”
José Limón

Open Technique Classes:
International students can arrive at any time of the year to attend open classes and workshops, traveling on a tourist visa.  Open technique classes are held at Peridance Capezio Center.

Professional Studies Program – 9 Months (PSP):
For periods of study greater than 90 days, including the nine-month Professional Studies Program (click here for more information), International students must obtain a Student Visa from the US government. This F-1 visa can be arranged through the Limón/Peridance Visa Program.  This entitles students to stay in the US for up to a year to study dance full-time, and is renewable. The Limón/Peridance Visa Program provides an additional 32 technique classes per month (on average) beyond the Limón Program itself.  These classes are chosen from the Peridance schedule of Limon, ballet, yoga, contemporary and many other movement styles.  The PSP/Visa  may be taken as either a 9 or 12 month version. Twelve month students may start anytime after June 1.

Intensive Studies Program – 3 Months (FSP):
The twelve-week Fall Studies Program students can apply for the 3-month Limón/Peridance Visa Program which provides an additional 32 technique classes per month beyond the Limón Program itself.  The FSP program also falls within a 90-day tourist visa.  Click here for more information.

Eligible students MUST contact Limon first to apply for the relevant program.  Once accepted, you will need to contact Peridance to start the F-1 visa application process.  Please allow at least 3 months to complete this process.  The visa application process requires prepayment of tuition, proof of financial support, and a non-refundable processing fee.  Click here to visit the Peridance website for more information.

Extra classes for Domestic Students:
Domestic Students can purchase class cards from Peridance available for any of their open classes, including Limon technique.

For more information on all Limón Programs, contact the Program Manager, Becky Brown, at