“I am always hoping. When I face a group of young people for the first time I remind myself that here before me untrained, inexperienced, all arms and legs going everywhere and nowhere, may be the great dancer of the future. Here may be that sorcerer who will practice and master the ancient magic, in whose hands it will be reborn. He will give it a grace and radiance never seen before.”
José Limón from his essay “On Magic”.

The Limón Institute has three major components: The Limón School which includes New York studio classes and workshop, summer residencies workshops, outreach programs, audience development and teacher training; Licensing which includes the licensing, re-staging and coaching of Limón repertory on professional companies and school groups; and Archives, which includes preserving documentation, archival development and publication activities.

The Limón School offers open classes, workshops and training programs throughout the year. Limón technique classes are held exclusively in New York City at Peridance Capezio CenterWould you like a Limón teacher in your Company, College or School? Contact Becky Brown at +1 212-777-3353  x18 or

*The Limón Institute’s Professional Studies Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD)