“Architecture has always offered a close parallel to the dance: to me choreography is a form of architecture. Great dance – Les Sylphides, Primitive Mysteries, Passacaglia – are monumental pieces of architecture. They are miracles of planning, construction, and beauty.”
José Limón

Works available range from large group pieces to solos and duets.

  • While original choreography required both male and female dancers, casting can be flexible in educational settings.

The length and time required to stage a dance varies with the work chosen and the institution acquiring it.

  • A typical staging is accomplished within a 1-2 week intensive residency.
  • If there is a gap between the initial staging and the performances, the reconstructor will return for the final tech rehearsals before the performance.
  • Whenever possible, the reconstructor will teach Limón technique in conjunction with the staging.   This will greatly improve the dancers’ artistic performance and understanding of the work.

The institution will be provided with a production packet that includes:

  • Rehearsal audio CD  (The institution will be responsible for making licensing arrangements for the music, if required.)
  • Program notes
  • Information on original costume, set and lighting designs

The reconstructor is provided through the Foundation and will have full artistic control over all  production and supervision of all artistic aspects of the setting of the work.

Licensing fees:

  • Licensing fees for universities, colleges and schools include the reconstructor’s fees.
  • The institution will be responsible for the reconstructor’s travel, housing and per diem.
  • The licensing period is for one academic year.

At the conclusion of the licensing period, we request a video of your performances, a copy of the program and any press/reviews that apply to the work.

A list of available dances and short video excerpts can be found here.  If you are interested in acquiring a piece, please contact our Executive Director, Juan José Escalante.