Repertory History

“I have great pity for these unhappy human beings, and for the anguish of spirit which they must experience and the torment in which they must live. And when I feel something keenly, I have to make a dance about it.”
José Limón
José Limón Doris Humphrey Garth Fagan Murray Louis  Ted Rotante
The Apostate (1959) Air for the G Strings Never No Lament Cleopatra Dust
Barren Sceptre (1960) Airs and Graces Figura
Blue Roses (1957) Brandenburg Concerto  Louis Falco Landscapes Anna Sokolow
Carlota (1972) The Call and Breath of Fire  Huescape Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca
Chaconne (1942) Corybantic Gary Master Magritte, Magritte
A Choreographic Offering (1964) Dance Overture Annabelle Gamson Concerto W.A.M. Poéms
Comedy (1968) Day on Earth Tanzlieder Rooms
Concert (1950) Fantasy and Fugue in C Minor Fred Mathews
Concerto Grosso (1945) Felipe el Loco Ian Horvath Solaris Sarah Stackhouse
Dances for Isadora (1971) Invention Laura’s Women Silver
The Demon (1963) Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias No Dominion Carla Maxwell
Dialogues (1951) Night Spell Keeping Still, Montain Clay Taliaferro
Don Juan Fantasia (1953) Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor Lucas Hoving Please Don’t Stone the Clowns Dancing Woman
The Emperor Jones (1956) Ritmo Jondo A Day in the Life… Sonata  Into My Heart’s House
The Exiles (1950) Ruins and Visions Has the Last Train Left Yet A Suite of Psalms
I, Odysseus (1962) The Shakers Icarus Etude
La Malinche (1949) The Story of Mankind Satiana
Legend (1968) Theatre Piece No.2 Donald McKayle
Mazurkas (1931) Two Ecstatic Themes Kurt Jooss Heatbeats
Missa Brevis (1958) Variations and Conclusion from “New Dance” The Green Table Sombra y Sol
The Moirai (1961)
The Moor’s Pavane (1949) Charles Weidman Pauline Koner Meredith Monk
My Son, My Enemy (1965) Flichers Cassandra Break
Ode to the Dance (1954) Voice int Wilderness
Orfeo (1972) Jean Cebron Daniel Nagrin
Psalm (1967) Poeme Dansé Jiri Kylian Indeterminate Figure
The Queen’s Epicedium (1952)
Recueil Evening Songs Spanish Dance (1944)
Redes (1951) Solo La Cathedrale Engloutie Strange Hero
Scherzo (1955)
Serenata (1958) Lee Connor Phyllis Lamhut Alwin Nikolais
Sonata for Two Cellos (1961) Under it Cleave The Hollow Lady
Symphony for Strings (1955) Fantomes
Tenebrae (1959) Bill Cratty Sacred Conversations Carlos Orta
There is a Time (1956) The Kitchen Table El Eltimo Canto
Tonantzintla (1951) Ralph Lemon Retablos
The Traitor (1954) Ruth Currier Pale glass and blue, and then red Volver
The Unsung (1971) The Antagonists
The Visitation (1952) Idyl Susanne Linke Heinz Poll
The Winged (1966) Phantasmagoria Also Egmont, Bitte! Heart to Heart