“The dance, oldest and most human of the arts, because it is performed with the human body, is the language which transcends all barriers, all boundaries, all limitations of spoken tongues. It is proof of man’s oneness.”
José Limón
This information is designed for presenters and the media.

To book the Limón Dance Company please contact our agents:

  • For International bookings
    Anna Amadei

    Phone (US): +1 646 696 9528
    Phone (EUROPE): + 39 347 1103 857
  • For Italian bookings
    Daniele Cipriani Entertainment
    via Albert Bruce Sabin, 14 – 00047 Marino, Roma – Italy
    Phone  +39 0693663062
    Fax +39 0693800262

For classes and workshops please contact Becky Brown at + 212 777 3353 x18

For licensing a Limón piece please contact Yasuko Tokunaga at +212 777 3353 x15


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