Letter from the Artistic Director

Colin Connor on Limón’s importance now:

It is very exciting to be with Limón now, in the rush of a new wave of enthusiasm for this American cultural jewel. The Limón Dance Company has been enthralling this season’s audiences with their contagious and fiercely individual dancing. In April, we visited Mexico City, and working with children, and hearing their delighted responses to our performance helped us rediscover the reach of this broadly effective teaching tradition. For the first time in over a decade, we will perform this summer at Jacob’s Pillow, a crucible for American dance where Limón himself danced and choreographed.

Watching the Company dancers now, the immediacy of our common experience sweeps across the stage, exuberantly and intensely, with musical and fully lived performing. Our teachers and directors are exposing new artists and young people to fresh possibilities. As I look around me here at Limón I am continually inspired by our dancers, teachers and directors, and by their energy, skill, generosity, and curiosity.

It amazes me how the José Limón’s classics, like Shakespeare’s plays, have become richer with time, uncannily revealing of contemporary struggles and triumphs. They speak of common purpose and our ability to create community, but also of racism, abuse and cultural loss. And supported by Limón’s magnificent craftsmanship and energizing sense of rhythm, we can bring them to vibrant and beautiful life.

I have really enjoyed finding bitingly contemporary choreographers to excite us with new approaches to movement and the intensity and fragility of how we relate to each other now. We have loved working with Kate Weare, Rosie Herrera, Adam Baruch and Yin Yue, a wonderfully diverse group. Their new works show the incredible versatility of the dancers, with whom each has created a fresh and surprising vision. Our dancers, out of this fertile combination of classics and new works, are creating performances of unmatched richness, technical range and power.

We live in a time of a fractured society. Identities feel at risk. The search for belonging is everywhere. With our dancing and teaching, through all that we do here, Limón is a powerful and needed voice for inclusiveness, individuality and possibility. How do we face our world and sense it around us? how can we be with others? Will we destroy the bonds between us or create new community? Here at Limón, we are drawing fresh inspiration from a glorious past, and we are speaking of our lives now, urgently and joyfully.