Administrative Staff

“Do not for an instant abandon that most indispensable asset of the artist, your courage.”

José Limón

Juan José Escalante, Executive Director
+1 212-777-3353
Colin Connor, Artistic Director +1 212-777-3353
Carla Maxwell, Legacy Director+1 212-777-3353
Administrative Staff
Brenna Monroe-Cook, Licensing Director+1 212-777-3353
Lena Lauer, Director of Education Programs+1 212-777-3353
Becky Brown, Program Manager+1 212-777-3353
Juliane Silveira, Development Coordinator+1 212-777-3353
Technical Staff
Christopher Chambers, Lighting
Bill Schaffner, Production Stage
Elysia Roscoe, Wardrobe Supervisor
Audrey Ross, Press Representative+1
Exclusive North American Representation by
Elsie Management
Laura Colby, Director
For International Bookings
Anna AmadeiUS +1 646-696-9528
EUROPE + 39 347-1103-857
For Italian Bookings
Daniele Cipriani Entertainment
via Albert Bruce Sabin, 14
00047 Marino, Roma – Italy
+39 0693663062
+39 0693800262 (fax)